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This series of cloth paintings on canvas were created in 2017 at the Hatch Street Studio in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts.


The size of each work is eight feet tall by three feet wide. Each vertical work consists of two canvases that are four feet tall by three feet wide.


Each work is based on a piece of old clothing from Japan or Uzbekistan, or in one instance, a large Japanese banner for Boy’s Day. I cut into the fabric, and often I would be cutting into layers of fabric, thereby creating a double or ghost form. The shapes were then arranged above or below each other. In most of the work I also incorporated the inner lining and hem.


I wanted to engage in the clothing’s cultural history, and its history as cloth. The space and the forms references dynamic, abstract spaces, lines and forms, and provided the base for a playful, meditative feeling.

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